This week concluded the Five Pranas TE class, and the Yoga Sutras Wisdom Circle! Together, we leaned in to feel the flow of energy that we are all an inextricable part of. We learned that as apana teaches us that we belong to this planet, prana urges us to allow ourselves to be inspired by the energy of nature.


This summer I visited the old growth forest of Cathedral Grove. I’ve always been a tree hugger, but these magestic firs really drew me in. Listening to the trees means settling into to a place of sensing their energy and essence. From there, the lines of energy between us, the matrixed web of interdependence becomes so palpable. We share the same life force. And the trees metabolize and give of this energy so freely.

As apana reminds us we belong to this planet, so prana inspires us, like the trees, to wonder at and reach for the sun, our largest star. This motivational force that rests at the area of the heart calls us to create and to share what we create with others. Sharing is a part of creating. And yet somehow, many of us are shy about sharing with others the fruits of our private arts, or of stepping into an arena where we know we could serve. The more we take time to witness how energy flows, the more we are able to relax into the natural dynamic of receiving, creating and sharing of prana, to notice and enjoy these cycles.

So what might that look like in real life (baby steps).


  • Sharing in a moment, just as you might share the abundance of a full garden

o    Join a meal train for a community member.

o    Have a harvest cooking day or take a container of your newest soup batch to a neighbour you haven’t seen in a while.

o    Call a friend and invite them to look at the full moon with you, even from a distance, we’ve got the same sky over our heads.

  • Celebrating the completion of an art piece in the same way teachers hang kids’ creations in a classroom

o    Mail your watercolour, lines of verse or woven bracelets to a friends snail mail

o    Join a live or virtual reading

o    Join a choir or find a space that wants to hang community art

Relax into life like ripe fruit from the vine.

The Dance of Prana and Apana:

Prana – Uplifting – I am inspired by the energy of nature!

Apana – Grounding – I belong to this planet!

Let’s continue dancing together – check out my new upcoming wisdom circle Elemental Wisdom and the TE class on the Chakras!