Chétana Jessica Torrens

Writer • Editor • Yoga Wisdom Teacher

Yoga Wisdom

Holding the Invisible String is a line from my first published poem. To me the invisible string is our centre, the creative curiosity we bring to our lives, and the ground of being that ultimate gives us meaning. The invisible string is our impetus to reach out and tap into the energy of the storm.

Twenty years ago, I co-founded and developed a holistic Yoga Teacher Training school and the Akhanda Yoga approach. I also helped establish Anand Prakash Yoga Ashram in Rishikesh, India. I worked almost exclusively in Yoga Teacher Training for I over twelve years, and have taught about a thousand emerging teachers in the areas of Yoga philosophy, methodology, prenatal yoga, and in facilitating transformational experiences and rituals. I am passionate about how the poetry of presence found in Yoga Wisdom teachings can bring us back to the rich and textured moment.

Two of my favourite words are awe and wonder. I absolutely love being in circle with people, connecting, breathing, and discussing how Yoga can serve us in our post-modern lives. I am thrilled to have launched two online Yoga Wisdom courses for those wishing to delve deeper into Yoga history and philosophy with me in an online context! As a parent of two and not able to teach in the retreat context as I used to, it is exciting to have the opportunity to share my experience and deep engagement with South Asian wisdom traditions through virtual Yoga Wisdom Circles.

I have been an adult educator in a variety of contexts and fields throughout my career and my Master’s degree in education informs how I engage with students, and educational planning and design. I have a special interest in dialogue education, transformational experiences, and cultivating a safe, community atmosphere in all of my courses. Teaching is truly an art, and mentoring teachers is deeply meaningful to me. In 2019, I was proud to have been a member of the Yoga Teacher Trainer Qualifications Working Group as a part of the Yoga Alliance Standards Review project. In 2021, I decided to formalize the mentoring I had been doing, and I created the Art of Teaching course in Becoming a Yoga Wisdom Teacher or circle leader. Twice a year, I treasure the experience of helping teachers learn to share this journey with others.

Writer and Educator Chétana Jessica Torrens

Writing & Editing

I hold an MFA in Creative Writing from the University of British Columbia, and alongside working on a novel and volume of poetry, I offer book coaching and content editing services.

Having worked extensively in the Yoga and wellness field and written a number of time-honoured Yoga coursebooks, I have a flair for helping content experts and aspiring writers bring structure to their vision of writing a book, and offer practical support in establishing an approach to writing that can lead to a successful manuscript.

Though non-fiction wellness titles and memoirs are the water I swim in, I also have experience in editing literary fiction, genre fiction and young adult fiction. Everyone needs an editor. Content editing can take a manuscript from good to great and make it publication ready!