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Chétana Jessica Torrens

Holding the Invisible String is a line from my first published poem. To me the invisible string is our centre, the creative curiosity we bring to our lives, and the ground of being that ultimately gives us meaning. The invisible string is our impetus to reach out and tap into the energy of the storm.

I am passionate about how the poetry of presence found in Yoga Wisdom teachings can bring us back to the rich and textured moment. Two of my favourite words are awe and wonder. I absolutely love being in circle with people, connecting, breathing and discussing how Yoga can serve us in our post-modern lives.

I hold an MA in Education and an MFA in Creative Writing, and mentoring both wellness providers and writers is deeply meaningful to me. I have a flair for helping content experts and aspiring writers bring structure to their vision of writing a book, and offer practical support in an approach to writing that can lead to a successful manuscript.

I look forward to meeting you in this confluence of teaching, writing and Yoga.


Editing & Coaching Services

Manuscript Evaluation

A comprehensive analysis of your existing draft or book. The evaluation will give you input on changes and additions you can make yourself before the editing process, as well as establish whether your manuscript needs a light Proofread or a thorough Copy Edit to take it from good to great!

Book Coaching

I offer coaching services to take you from ideas to actual pages. And let’s face it––writing is intense, personal, and usually involves moments when you feel like what you’re producing is not at all what you hoped it could be. Coaching helps you avoid getting stuck and sticking your half-written ‘baby’ in a drawer for 10 years.

Content Editing

Everyone needs an editor! No, really––I mean EVERYONE! Editing is not just about grammar, spelling and sentence structure. Content editing also looks at what’s included, where and recommends an order and flow at the paragraph and chapter level that can really make a difference.


“I’ve completed almost 1000 hours of Yoga Teacher Training, however, doing the Enrichment Courses with Chétana Jessica has elevated my practice, my teaching and my life to a whole new level. It’s like the icing on the cake plus the cherry on top. The course truly explores the foundation upon which Yoga is based. I and it really helps me integrate and truly embody all I’ve learned on other trainings. To see how much it has enriched my life has been beautiful. The biggest gift, I feel, is the ability to study in my own time, digest, and integrate the teachings. The chapters and sections are clear and comprehensive without being overwhelming, and the wisdom is there for me to review for life. What a gift! ”

Jeanie Jyanti Creator of Alchemy School of Yoga, Ireland

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