The Art of Teaching – March 2022


If you have ever dreamed of leading a retreat, wisdom circle or becoming a trainer, Art of Teaching is the course for you! Chétana Jessica Torrens leads you through the tools and methods used in transformational teaching live on Zoom in this 12-hour certification course.

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Leading Wisdom Circles (The Art of Teaching)

If you have ever dreamed of leading a retreat, wisdom circle or stepping on the road to
becoming a trainer, this course is for you!

12-hour certificate course live on Zoom

  • Dates: March 12 & 13 and April 2 & 3, 2022
  • Times: 10:00:00am – 1:30pm Pacific Time (1:00 – 4:30pm Eastern)

Being a trainer and leading talk Yoga sessions is very different from leading a movement-based
experience. Learn how to create and lead meaningful and effective circles and courses that reach people where they’re at and help group grow together gently and powerfully. AND, within the course you’ll get to experience the techniques first hand, and then reflect on how they work. The course is not only about learning, but experiencing the variety of tools through a transformational teaching context.

I’ve been teaching in a variety of contexts for my whole career, and have an MA in Education.
I’m passionate about good teaching!

In this course, you’ll learn how to:

  • plan an interactive lesson that will have impact
  • start each session with a high point of engagement and connection
  • create an interactive atmosphere of learning in community
  • make every session embodied
  • address different learning styles
  • scaffold lessons from reflective-personal toward active-relational
  • design assessments that are fun and lead to even more teachable moments
  • embrace the jazz of teaching – co-creating the lesson in real life with a group
  • bring sessions to a satisfying conclusion and closing
  • design a short course curriculum
  • and much more!

Chetana has taught Pedagogy 101 for Yoga Teachers at the Toronto Yoga Conference, the
Whistler Yoga Conference and at through the Akhanda Apprenticeship and Beginning Trainers

At the end of the Art of Teaching course, you’ll feel excited to meet the challenge of leading groups in
discussions about Yoga wisdom that apply to their unique and busy lives, and will leave with a
plan that you’ve tested in your practicum that would fit perfectly with the retreat or course you
envision offering.

As a bonus, when Yoga Alliance brings forward mandatory education for aspiring YTT trainers in
Pedagogy, you’ll be ready with your 12-hour certificate in the Art of Teaching – Leading
Wisdom Circles. Eligible for YACEP credits.

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