Transformational Experiences

Intermediate Level

Have you been enjoying Yoga classes, but want to delve into the wealth of practices beyond postures in a guided, life affirming space?

Join me for a series of transformational experiences where you’ll experience a medly of time tested breath work, relaxation, visualization, sounding, and meditation techniques in a seamless flow. The class will be sprinkled with timeless poetic verses from the Upanishads and the Vijnana Bhairava Tantra, and how they relate to our postmodern lives. You will also have the opportunity to engage with others at the end of the guided journey.

The aim of this series is to offer a profound experience of Yoga beyond postures, which are not often given enough space and time in mainstream Yoga classes. This series also provides a flow of yogic experiences and gems of South Asian wisdom geared toward the intermediate practitioner.

Check out upcoming series for particular themes of each Transformational Experiences series.

Class Length: 1 hour to 1 hour 15 minutes (to allow for the class to come to its natural close)

Each Series: 5 – 6 weeks

Fee: CDN$125 for the 5-class series and CDN$150 for the 6-class series

Upcoming Class Dates:

The Chakras – Thursday January 13 – February 17, 2022 (6 weeks)

The Five Pranas – Fridays March 4 – April 1, 2022 (5 weeks)

Time: 11:30am – 12:30pm Pacific Time(2:30 – 3:30 Eastern Time)

Journey with the Five Energies

Introduction to Yogic Mindfulness

Beginner Level

Tap into the wealth of yoga techniques beyond postures to reduce stress and insomnia, and to increase your sense of calm, focus and wellbeing. Mindfulness practices are techniques that help you stay anchored in the present and stop the mind from whirling or ruminating on things in a way that is not productive. However, most classic mindfulness courses do not include the simple yoga sounding or breathwork techniques that have huge proven benefits.

Introduction to Yogic Mindfulness is a 5-week introductory series the thoroughly explains simple yet powerful strategies and guides participants in progressive experiences of mindfulness and meditation. Each session is one hour long and all techniques will be explained with reference to both wellness research and the yoga wisdom tradition.

Class Length: 1 hour

Each Series: 5 weeks

Upcoming Dates: Thursday September 16 – October 14, 2021

Time: 9:30 – 10:30 Pacific Time (12:30 – 1:30 Eastern Time)

Fee: CDN$125 for the 5-class series

  • How to sit or lay for meditation

  • What are mindfulness and meditation?

  • Basics of breathwork

  • A simple checkin and bring more presence to your daily life in just minutes a day

  • A guided breath and awareness journey you can practice at home

  • Focus on the sense of touch

  • Which techniques actually worked for you in real life

  • How to incorporate the senses in your mindfulness practice

  • More breathwork tools

  • Conscious relaxation

  • The power of visualization and the body scan

  • Focus on the sense of sight

  • A bit about the science behind mindfulness and meditation

  • Simple sounding techniques to calm the mind and why they work

  • Using combined tools to focus the mind (breath, finger tapping and anchor words)

  • More about how to use the tools in life, not just on the mat

  • A guided journey through the three-fold meditation

  • Focus on the sense of hearing

  • A bit about how South Asian wisdom traditions inform the practice of mindfulness

  • Checkin on how the techniques are working for you

  • Review of some of the most beneficial techniques for the group

  • An experience of mindful eating

  • Understanding the benefits of savouring and fully experiencing the present moment

  • Focus on the sense of taste

  • A bit about lifestyle tips that can help bring balance to the nervous system

  • Reflections on what takes us out of centre and how to act on these insights

  • Using oils and aromatherapy for centring

  • A final guided journey through a medley of techniques from the course

  • Tips for your onward journey

  • Focus on the sense of smell

From Revelation to Insight gathered me in right from the beginning, renewing and re-inspiring my study of the ageless wisdom teachings of the Vedas and Bhagavad Gita. For a new student this is a rich course ideal for learning the essence of these texts. For the practiced student/teacher, diving into deeper study, you are reignited and enriched with the depth of these teachings. You gain clear confidence to bring the key principles of them into your own class offerings. Chétana’s masterful guidance throughout the course makes this online format of study supportive, clear and easy to follow. Her depth of knowledge shines during the personable online lectures and the practices of mantra, meditation and ritual.

Catherine Nelson-Reid, Yoga Teacher and Trainer, Calgary (Canada)

I had a great experience with this course. I especially liked that after listening to Chétana talk on a video you could then read the lecture notes, so anything you didn’t grasp from listening was written. It’s great also that you can watch the video as many times as you like. My favourite part of the course was the section on the Bhagavad Gita. Chétana’s love knowledge of this text shone through and helped me to grasp it further. I personally use ritual often and so loved the opportunity to practice an ancestral ceremony with Chétana, and I actually repeated it a few times while I was completing the course. It’s a beautiful practice. I’m grateful to Chétana for sharing her years of studying the sacred texts with us. I defiantly feel now that I understand better the history of yoga, how it developed and changed and how to integrate it better into my life. It leaves me with new inspiration. Thank you, Chétana.

Victoria (Bhashini) Simpson, Yoga Teacher, Berlin (Germany)

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