Yesterday, my piece on raising bi-cultural, bi-racial children appeared in the Facts and Arguments section of the Globe and Mail, one of Canada’s national newspapers.

It was really a treat to be involved in the editing process, and I’m thrilled with how the article ended up, except for the title, which presumably had to be catchy and slightly edgy. I’m not a big user of the word ‘hate’, and the article was not meant entirely as a reaction against the phrase we are often greeted with, ‘one of each’. Rather, it is about the multiplicity of identity, and the ways in which culture, ethnicity and religion can sometimes intertwine, though clearly culture is not ethnicity, nor is it a monolithic, fixed entity.

It is also about the tendency I’m seeing in Canada towards monoculture, not only in the sense of the Code of Secularism and the hesitance surrounding displays of faith, but in the de-culturing of school winter concerts away from multicultural winter solstice celebrations of light towards a more decontextualized Disney pantomime that often does not even reference the season of winter.

Finally, it is about the personal journey of identity and how I hope to be sharing positively in that with my kids, and their bi-racial, bi-cultural context.

Here’s the link to the article:  Two of a Kind