ChetanaI am a writer, mother and yoga teacher/mindfulness educator living in Ottawa, Canada.

Me – the Writer
Having lived in France, the United Kingdom, South Korea and India, my writing often touches on making meaning across cultures, and the energy and experiences that unite us. My writing is also inspired by nature, awe and the sense of beingness.

Holding the Invisible String is a line from my first published poem. In the shamanic sense, this evokes the interdependence of all things, and the spontaneous recognition of one’s place within that whole, or the impetus to reach out and feel or tap into the energy of the storm.

Much of my writing is about being in a foreign place, living abroad or being in a new context. This creates a heightened sense of awareness or noticing of everything around you: physical objects, nature, people and the energy or way of things.

At the moment I’m am working on first-person pieces, as well as a novel based on my experience as an English teacher in southern South Korea in the mid 1990s.

Me – the Yoga Philosophy Teacher/Blogger

I have worked almost exclusively in Yoga Teacher Training for over ten years, and have worked with about a thousand emerging teachers in the areas of yoga philosophy, methodology, prenatal yoga, and in facilitating transformational experiences and rituals. I have a lot of thoughts on this massive tradition, from history and philosophy, to how to lead transformational experiences; from marketing to yoga teaching pedagogy.

I am also concerned about how we live as yoga practitioners in the world, and how ancient philosophies can inform modern living. In fact, I am writing a series of blog posts and articles on yoga as the ‘razor’s edge’, and the skill required to ensure we are applying yoga in a way that brings further clarity and full-living, and not in a way that further obscures our blind spots. 

Me – the Mindfulness Educator

I currently teach classes in mindfulness and “yoga without postures”. The contemplative practice of yoga as well as the diverse array of techniques to help bring us to centred awareness are a boon to us with the increasingly fast pace and fragmentation of modern life. The classes are attended by people of all ages to learn strategies to combat stress and insomnia, as well as to increase the sense of presence and savour or drop into the moment-to-moment experience of life.

Me – The Mother

As a hands-on mother of two young children, I am interested in mindful parenting, and how we can be fully present with our children as well as being thriving, creative adults engaged in our communities and our passions. I write about attachment parenting, raising bi-cultural children, vegetarian families, travelling with children, and various topics related to holistic parenting and mindful living.

Education and Where It Has Lead Me:

YTT 200, Sivananda Yoga Vedanta Centre

After having studied yoga and meditation for a number of years with senior teachers and monastics in Canada and Overseas, I completed my yoga teaching certification. I have continued to study over the years in the area of Transformational Education and further holistic yoga studies at Kripalu Center in Massachusetts. I have attended many conferences and lectures with teachers including Dr. David Frawley. I co-founded a holistic Yoga Teacher Training school, World Conscious Yoga Family Inc., and the Akhanda Yoga approach.

Through WCYF, in the past ten years I have worked with about a thousand new teachers in the training setting, and have had the joy of introducing other experienced teachers to our method of training as colleagues. I also co-founded Anand Prakash Yoga Ashram Trust in Rishikesh, India, and have lived, taught and learned from others in this residential yoga community.

MA (TESOL), Institute of Education, University of London

I have a particular interest in effective teaching in adult educational contexts, dialogue education, syllabus design, materials development (handouts and manuals) and cultivating a safe, community atmosphere in all of my classes. I have an MA in language education and twenty years of experience as an educator combined. I feel that my background in adult education has truly enhanced my work as a yoga and mindfulness educator, not least of all in my design and facilitation of the YTT 200 and YTT 300 syllabuses for the Akhanda Yoga Teacher Training programs. I am currently using these expertise to design and facilitate holistic mindfulness education courses.

BA (Honours) in English and French Literature, Queen’s University

My love of reading and writing brought me almost inevitably to undertake a literature degree. The love of words, poetry, research and communication are certainly part of what has brought me to blogging and writing articles about yoga and holistic living, as well as to creative writing. You may find my yoga writing quite lyrical. In fact, I often quote poets like Kabir and Tagore. Currently, I am working on an MFA in Creative Writing at UBC, and continue to work on my novel set in South Korea.

Chétana Jessica Torrens

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    Hi Chetana
    Nice to read your thoughts.. Good to connect… Christine and Ananda


  2. Lillian D'souza
    Nov 15, 2014 @ 14:17:46

    Love your blog and your writing style.

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