Welcome to Holding The Invisible String

by Chétana Jessica Torrens

Holding the Invisible String is a line from my first published poem. To me the invisible string is our centre and that which gives ultimate meaning and continuity to our lives. And so, I feel it really encapsulates the message of my yoga and mindful living blog.

This site has three blog pages: Yoga, Holistic Living and On Writing. Some of my featured articles can be found below.

To learn more about me and my holistic yoga courses, satsangs “yoga without postures”, and workshops, whether virtual or in person, please visit the About and Offerings pages.

I would be thrilled to have you read my published work in the Publications section.

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Feature Articles

The Poppy and a Call to Love - The poppy has long been a person symbol for me. Interestingly perhaps, not in conjunction with Remembrance Day or the ‘poppy poem’ specifically. But if I think about it, there is a connection. I first saw poppies in my mother’s English garden that was stuffed with tall bush-like flowers – bleeding hearts, flocks, rudbeckia and […]
Snow Days and Spontaneity - I woke up this morning to a foot of fresh, new powerdery snow, a veritable winter wonderland! While snow days bring out the curmudgeon in some, I find overall that, like mass power outages and ice storms, snow days bring us together in fresh new ways. They are when northerners get to act more like […]
Leaning Into The Holidays - I always been a fairly last minute shopper, and relentless Christmas enthusiast. For me, I believe the two things are somewhat related. I enjoy carolers in the mall dressed in Victorian velvet cloaks and top hats, and the palpable excitement that builds a few days before the holidays. As fat snowflakes float above, illuminated by […]
Quick Vegetarian Cooking for Families with Young Kids - I love cooking and food, don’t get me wrong. But, I almost never spend more than half an hour cooking dinner. And yet, as a vegetarian with young kids, I can’t just pull chicken fingers out of the freezer. What’s my secret? I’m committed to the idea that it is just as fast to cook […]
Raising Bi-cultural, Bi-racial Children - Yesterday, my piece on raising bi-cultural, bi-racial children appeared in the Facts and Arguments section of the Globe and Mail, one of Canada’s national newspapers. It was really a treat to be involved in the editing process, and I’m thrilled with how the article ended up, except for the title, which presumably had to be […]
Being More Fully Present by Acknowledging the Past - Within the practice of yoga and mindfulness, we often stress not dwelling on the past, or being present. This is an incredible practice, as anyone can experience, when they let the thoughts of regret, or what if, and take a few moments to savour the crisp, fresh breeze, or the sun on the land, or […]
Vision - This poem, also published in ASH (Number 3, Volume 1), is written in French. Writing in a second language is an interesting way of trying to get at images that consolidate a feeling or an experience. The writing may be sparser and more immediate. Here the cigarette butt that continues to glow after having been […]
Describing Ourselves into Being - I wrote my first poem at 10, I believe, and interestingly,that poem is very much in keeping with the subjects of my writing today. Around that age, I began asking my parents spiritual questions. My parents were committed to the idea that each person find their own questions and steer their own way toward possible answers. […]
Sometimes Less is, Well, Just Less: Consumer guilt, self denial and financial woes in the yoga community - I recently read an article about ‘spiritual bypass’ by Buddhist teacher John Welwood. It resonated with me, and I felt I could relate it to what seems to be finally coming to the fore in the yoga community also – the way we use our spiritual path as a means of neglecting to deal with […]
Harry Potter and the Magical World of Yoga - Along with a bunch of other Harry Potter junkies, I am re-viewing all of the films on the big screen leading up to the release of the final film. My family indulges me partly because they know I need a night out now and again, and because they know I am strangely uplifted by these […]

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